Navajo YeiBiChai Pictorial Weaving


Navajo YeiBiChai Pictorial Weaving



Rare Navajo Yei Bi Chei pictorial weaving:  6 horses watching the dancers.
c. 1930
43” x 67”

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Additional Info:

Navajo weaving c.1930 depicting 6 horses watching the YeiBiChai dancers.  
Technical details:  handspun Navajo sheep wool.  7 warps/inch & 26-28 wefts/inch.  Warps: natural, un-dyed white Navajo sheep wool.  Wefts:  natural, un-dyed Navajo sheep wool in black, white, grey; synthetic-dyed Navajo sheep wool in burnt-orange, dark orange, red, dark green, light green, black.  Selvedge: side selvedge black Navajo sheep wool; warp-end selvedge synthetic-dyed red.  Tassels: synthetic-dyed red Navajo sheep wool.

Published in:  Navajo Weavings with Ceremonial Themes. 2017. R.M. Valette & J.P. Valette.  Figure 6.5.14 on p.266 in the chapter on “Lukachukai-style Yeibichai Weavings.  Their commentary on this weaving:  " In the 1930s, Navajo men would ride their horses to the site of the ceremony and tie them up during the dancing.  The inclusion [in this weaving] of six horses seemingly watching the scene adds an original note to this weaving.”