Paqua Naha Cylindrical Jar


Paqua Naha Cylindrical Jar



Old Frog Woman - Paqua Naha Cylindrical Jar
c. 1950s
9” x 4.5”

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Additional Info:

This is polychrome cylindrical jar was made shortly before Paqua Naha passed away in 1955. It is quite a rare piece in that she used the white slip she had discovered during 1951-1952. Although there is no date on the bottom of the vase, her glyph is there, and we know the year she died. Old Frog Woman’s pottery is rarely available and certainly not in the shape of a cylinder.

This wonderful vase features a pair of birds beak to beak on each side. The white slip has been applied to the entire vase, inside and out. The vegetal paints are still brilliant in color. There are a few minor paint abrasions and are perfectly appropriate for the age of this piece. It is my opinion that this vase is one of the first to have the iconic white slip of the Navasie/Naha pottery. It is a very soft cream in color.