Navajo Crystal Textile


Navajo Crystal Textile



Stunning abstract art Navajo Crystal Weaving
61" x 91"

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Additional Info:

This stunning abstract art weaving obviously was created by a highly skilled & creative Navajo woman weaver c. 1900-1920.

Measuring 61" wide by 91" long, it is an original, one-of-a-kind, abstract art piece that would dramatically grace any wall and home.

In the "old days" when this antique Navajo weaving was created, the weaver envisioned the design she wished to create & typically kept that design entirely "in her mind" [never putting it on paper] until the weaving was done. For several reasons it is obvious the Navajo woman who created this dramatic weaving was a highly skilled "artist": (1) she envisioned & executed a creative, bold design; (2) the tight, uniform weave of this large weaving makes it of very high quality for its early 20th Century origin. This weaving is composed entirely of Navajo sheep wool that was hand-shorn, hand-carded, & then tightly & uniformly hand-spun into the wool yarns used by the Navajo woman artist to bring her unique design vision into reality by weaving that beautiful design using a classic Navajo "upright" loom.  
Warps: 6 warps per inch--Navajo handspun natural white. Wefts: 22 wefts per inch--Navajo natural handspun white; natural black over-dyed with synthetic black; & synthetic-dyed red. Selvedge cords: Navajo handspun, synthetic-dyed red. Condition: excellent; professionally cleaned & blocked; repaired minor weft, warp breaks.