Crystal Abstract Textile


Crystal Abstract Textile



Bold, vibrant Navajo Crystal abstract art weaving
40" x 61.5"

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Annandale, VA

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Additional Info:

This bold Navajo abstract art weaving measures 40" wide by 61.5" long, and was woven most likely in the Crystal area of the Navajo Reservation. This is a vibrantly delightful & affordable piece of unique abstract art for any wall.

This Navajo weaver had a bold vision for her weaving & created a delightful piece of original abstract art. Given its bold design, aniline orange dyes, & its more thickly spun yarns, it may be as early as the 1890s-1900, when Navajo weavers were experimenting with their own creative new designs using synthetic dye colors. All the weaving materials are composed of Navajo sheep wool that was hand-shorn, hand-carded, hand-spun, & hand-dyed colored wool yarns. WARPs: 5 warps per inch-- Navajo hand-spun natural white wool. WEFTs: 16-18 wefts per inch--Navajo hand-spun natural white; natural black with black synthetic over-dye; synthetic orange dye; synthetic red dye. Selvedge cords: Navajo handspun wool, synthetic red dye. Professionally cleaned.