Chilkat Blanket


Chilkat Blanket



A Fine Northwest Coast Chilkat Blanket
Tlingit Tribe, Southeastern Alaska
19th Century

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Additional Info:

Height including fringe: 57 inches (145 cm.); Width including fringe border: 72 inches (183 cm.)

c. 1860s-1870s

This "Diving Whale" design, with bold form-lines and sharply similar woven forms seemingly in relief, are indicative of a very fine and tightly woven blanket. The chiefs and nobles ritually danced during ceremonials wearing these blankets, which became known as the "Robes of Nobility" on the Northern Northwest Coast.

Materials: Woven mountain goat wool, yellow cedar bark, native and trade dyes.

Condition: Aside from a 1 by 1.5 inch very early native repair visible on the left side of the upper border, this robe is in very good condition. 

Provenance: Acquired from a Canadian private collection, Vancouver Island. 

Comparable: Holm, Bill, "The Box of Daylight", P. 59, Plate 84, Seattle Art Museum, 1983 or a blanket with a nearly identical design owned by Bill & Marty Holm.