What is ATADA.org?

We are an association of tribal arts dealers and collectors dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity and responsible collecting practices. 

To this end, ATADA dealers guarantee authenticity, condition, and title given with every purchase. We encourage the public to educate themselves about the cultures these objects represent and the roles they played, and continue to play, within their cultures.


  • A complete directory of leading authorities in their respective areas of Tribal Art
  • An online marketplace of curated items for sale
  • The ATADA Member Seller's Guarantee - Collect with confidence
  • Comprehensive calendar of events and exhibitions
  • Collection or Inventory insurance for ATADA members

Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

John Molloy - President
Kim Martindale - Vice President
Bob Gallegos - Treasurer
Barry Walsh - Education Committee Chair

Board Members At Large:
Paul Elmore
Peter Carl
Patrick Mestdagh
Bill Faust
Mark Rhodes

Executive Director:
David Ezziddine

Contacting the Board of Directors

Please send all messages for the Board of Directors relating to ATADA business to the Executive Director. All messages will be directed to the appropriate individual(s) for review and response. 

ATADA Foundation

The ATADA Foundation

The ATADA Foundation is a separate, non-profit 501(c)(3) entity dedicated to expanding education on tribal art from around the world.  The Foundation participates in projects that advance awareness of the cultural, historical, and aesthetic importance of antique tribal art, and gives grants to institutions ranging from small tribal and community museums to major U.S. museums that collect and exhibit tribal art.