Partner Organizations

ATADA is pleased to endorse the following organizations and their efforts to promote the arts of Indigenous People around the world. 

Tribal Art Magazine

Tribal Art magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated exclusively to the arts and culture of the traditional peoples of Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas, available in French or English language editions.

Originally launched in 1994, Tribal Art magazine has now produced 80 issues, each consisting of around 150 richly illustrated pages which represent an unparalleled contribution to the knowledge of so-called “tribal arts”. Authored by a wide variety of international specialists, reference articles, exhibition reviews, interviews with major players in the world of art, history of objects and collections and news about the current tribal art market, make for exciting and vibrant issues, each rich in images of some of the best examples of material culture produced by traditional peoples around the globe.

To learn more about the magazine and its twenty-year history, visit our website:

Objects of Art Shows

The Objects of Art Shows bring together an extensive collection of historic to contemporary material that includes fashion and jewelry, furniture and books, tribal, folk and American Indian art, works on paper and canvas, and three-dimensional pieces in wood, ceramic and bronze. The range is vast, and the selection is discerning. 

Shows include the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, Objects of Art Santa Fe,
American Indian Art Show Marin and the Antique American Indian Art - Show Santa Fe.


The Genuine Indian Relic Society

The specific purpose of this non-profit national Society is to promote friendship and trust among persons interested in the collection and preservation of legally obtained genuine prehistoric North American Indian artifacts by providing a medium of informational and educational exchange through the regular publication of journals; taking a firm and vigorous stand in opposing the display, sale, or distribution of questionable, illegally obtained, or  fraudulent artifacts at Society meetings or elsewhere; and conducting regular meetings to transact business and to encourage the display of, and dissemination of knowledge about, such legally obtained artifacts.

The Oceanic Art Society

The aim of the Oceanic Art Society is to further the understanding and appreciation of Oceanic art. The focus is on traditional tribal art including contemporary art of the indigenous people of Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and Australasia.

The Society publishes the OAS Journal, which is a bi-monthly newsletter featuring illustrated international oceanic art news, editorial pieces, member articles,books reviews, seminar reports, museum reviews, gallery and auction news, and information on the Society’s upcoming events.

Flather & Perkins, Inc.

Founded in 1917, Flather & Perkins has a proven track record of expertly handling commercial and personal insurance for a wide variety of clients - including Museums, Galleries, Collections and Fine Arts Dealers - nationwide.

Flather & Perkins offers preferred rates on collection and inventory insurance to ATADA Members.

Whispering Wind Magazine

Whispering Wind magazine, established in 1967, is now the longest surviving publication on American Indian culture. Whispering Wind is now the only publication on the market that features peer-reviewed, academic articles on American Indian material culture.

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