the guarantee

The ATADA Guarantee

Collect with Confidence

As stated in the ATADA’s bylaws, an ATADA Member Seller's Guarantee is as follows:

In the Seller’s judgment, as a dealer in objects of this kind, the information set out is accurate. If the Buyer shows that such information is inaccurate in any significant way within one year from the date of purchase, the Seller will accept a return and offer a full refund, which the Buyer agrees to accept as full satisfaction. The return of the object must be in the same condition as sold. The Seller guarantees that the Buyer receives good title to the object. If there is evidence showing that Seller did not provide good title and the Seller is promptly so informed by the Buyer, the Seller will either remove any cloud on the title or accept return of the object and give the Buyer a full refund, at the Seller’s option. These guarantees extend only from [DEALER’S NAME] to the Buyer named in this invoice.
As members of ATADA, we offer our buyers a guarantee that all objects we sell are as represented regarding age, authenticity, and extent of restoration (if any), and have been properly acquired and fall within the laws concerning cultural sensitivity as specified in the ATADA Bylaws.

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