Items reported stolen in 2001 - Multiple Locations

Stolen Textiles, Dec 10, 2001

The first is a Crystal, ca. 1890, 79″ x 50″, value $3,800.00. The second is a Transitional Second Phase Variant Chief’s Blanket, value $8,000.00. The Case No. is 201L0121, Investigating Officer Deputy David Yount, (505) 986-2460. The individual from whom these were stolen is Edwin Crow, (505) 820-2444. (Reported to ATADA 12/20/01).


Clear Sky Indian Art

Missing August 15, 2001, Santa Fe

Please note that not all of the items in the photos were stolen Just the three graduated storage boxes, the smaller red-corner double-box to the right and the Tlingit rattle-top in the center of the photo in front of the boxes.

The Case # with the Santa Fe Police Department is: 01022632. The person to contact is Officer Eugene Lucero, (505) 955-6576.

  •   1. Tlingit (Northwest Coast) Bentwood “Red Corner” Lidded Storage Box, 19th Century, 20″ h., 18″ w.,cedar, with red-painted corners, the lid with a red geometric design, with hand-made cedar root cord netting on the outside of the box, laced through four loops at the top to hold the lid.
  • 2. Tlingit (Northwest Coast) Bentwood “Red Corner” Lidded Storage Box, 19th Century, 14″ h., 12″ w., cedar, with red-painted corners, the lid with a red geometric design, with commercial twine netting on the outside of the box (incomplete).
  • 3. Tlingit (Northwest Coast) Bentwood “Red Corner” Lidded storage Box, 19th Century, 12″ h., 11″ w., cedar, with red-painted corners, the lid with a red geometric design (dark and somewhat indistinct).
  • 4. Tlingit (Northwest Coast) Bentwood Lidded “Marriage” Box, Circa 1945, 4 ½” h., 10″ l., in the form of a double box, with two compartments with a common center wall and common lid, decorated with red corners and a red geometric design on the lid.
  • 5. Tlingit “Rattle-Top” Twined Basket, Circa 1920, 3 ½” h., 5 ¼” d., of cylindrical form with fitted lid with rattles in the handle, decorated with geometric bands in dyed grasses on the basket and lid.
  • 6. Athabascan Hide Container, Approximately 5″ h., 4″ d., of cylindrical form, stitched in moose (?) hide with a hide loop handle with “pinked” edging.

Mexican Ceramic Artifact Stolen from Santa Fe Gallery, July 15, 2001

This object was stolen on Sunday, July 15, 2001 from our gallery at 600 Canyon Road. Its theft has been reported to the Santa Fe Police, Case # 01-018653, please contact Officer John P. Luiso of the City of Santa Fe Police Department, 505-955-5000. Also contact Ron Messick Fine Arts at 505-983-9533 should you have any information on its whereabouts. Dimensions: 6-3/4 x 1-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches.

Concho Belt Stolen from Gallery in Sydney Australia, on or about May 1st, 2001

This item has been posted promptly as it would be a hardship to get full information from Australia.

I would like to report a concho belt stolen from Four Winds Gallery, Sydney Australia, on or about May 1st, 2001. It is a Phase II belt with seven large oval repousse conchas (approx. 5″ diameter) and a small rectangular buckle. The belt is on original leather and the conchas are backed. Although there is no photo, the belt is quite similar to one pictured on page 104 in the Frank Harlow jewelry book. Thank you,

  • John Krena, owner
  • Four Winds Gallery
  • 412.682.5092
  • 412.682.0220


Two Double Saddle Blankets Stolen from Santa Fe, NM residence.

The Case # is #00012310, S.F. Police Department, Officer Brenner. Owner is Jeff Kahn, (800) 370-1608. (office) (480) 585-5093 (home). Please notify owner if found.

  • 1. White and red Navajo Double Saddle blanket with black crosses. 35″ x 58″ .
  • 2. Navajo Double Saddle blanket, two panels each of the four corners have different colors in a checkerboard panel. Woven in one panel is the name John Lemone. in the upper panel are 4 or 5 numbers.