STOLEN - Hopi Kachina - Santa Fe, NM

Stolen Hopi Kachina

The attached is a photograph of a kachina that appears to have been stolen from Price-Dewey Galleries sometime in the week of Jan 19, 2004. We would appreciate any assistance you might offer in circulating this photograph. It is 13″ high, ca. 1925, Zuni Sipikne. Please contact the gallery and/or the police if you have any information regarding this piece. There have been an increasing number of thefts in Santa Fe this past year – we need to catch these people!

Thank you for your assistance.


  • Pamela Rittmeyer, Financial Manager
  • Price-Dewey Galleries, Ltd.
  • 53 Old Santa Fe Trail
  • Santa Fe, NM 87501
  • ph 505.982.8632
  • fax 505.983.2625