STOLEN - Historic Artifacts - Canon City, CO

Historic Pottery, Chinese Artifacts, Points and Early Navajo Blankets Stolen from Colorado Home

Stolen Tularosa Olla, Historic Mata Ortiz Effigy Jar, Chinese Han Dynasty Statues and Tang Dynasty Horse

In September, 2005, a Canon City, Colorado home was broken into and a lifetime collection of artifacts were stolen. Removed were 8 Navajo weaves, these were not my forte as my interest is mainly in ancient ceramics and flint items, however I know these weaves are all old and were worth a lot to me. the following was also taken- 1- Estruscan effigy pot, about 14 ancient asian pieces, 1- spanish colonial plate from Florida, 6- south american pre-columbian pieces, 14- south western prehistoric pieces, 33 riker mounts of the very best of my projectile points and blades and approximately 12 various early tramp art frames and art. Four images are presented above and more details and images will be forthcoming. The police case # is 05-2285 and the detective handling this case is Sergeant Robert Dodd phone 719-276-2285. The owner is Keith Maloney, phone 719-276-2291, e-mail Anyone with information about this case should contact Sergeant Dodd or the owner.