RECOVERED - Seven Navajo Textiles

Ten Old Navajo Rugs Stolen from Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, AZ, May 7, 2007 Have Now Been Recovered

On May 7, 2007, ten old Navajo rugs were stolen from the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona. Seven of these have been recovered, three remain missing, of which two are pictured below:

Recovered Ganado Rug, Recovered Large Eye Dazzler Rug

There is no photo available of the third recovered rug, a Chinle Revival 1st phase, banded with design elements in the bands circa 1950. All three of the remaining rugs have now been recovered.

We quote here the sad letter from Lewis and Chris Bobrick received by ATADA on May 24, 2007. It is a lesson for all of us:

  • 1) what happens if a collector purchases a stolen piece from a reputable dealer
  • 2) what happens if a dealer buys stolen items
  • and 3) the need for immediate notification and posting of photos in the event of a theft.

Here is the Bobrick letter:

” Alice,

I am writing to you because I cannot find a link on the ATADA site to on who to notify regarding stolen items. Can you let me know. Lew and I purchased a group of rugs a few weeks ago after calling a couple of dealers and checking ATADA to find out if they might be stolen. Yesterday I received a call from the US Parks Service special agent regarding a theft that occurred at Hubbell Trading Post on May 6, 2007. 10 rugs were stolen. Lew and I bought seven and have returned five of them to the parks service agents and are in the process of getting 2 that were sold returned. There are still 3 rugs out there. We have informed the department that had they notified the ATADA site we would not have purchased these rugs and could have notified them about the whereabouts of the thieves. At this point we are out the rugs and the money. But could you have someone at least post a notice regarding the theft and the 3 rugs we did not recover. They are :1950s Natural eye dazzler measuring 60 x 150 so the rug is very large and unique. a Ganado measuring 48″ x63″ .

Chinle Revival 1st phase, banded with design elements in the bands circa 1950 – No picture.

The lead investigator for the Parks Service is Brian O’day, cell 928-640-0127. If anyone sees or knows of these 3 other rugs please notify officer O’day immediately.

Thanks Chris & Lew Bobrick

  • 303-744-9203
  • 1213 E 4th Ave.
  • Denver, CO 80218