STOLEN - Navajo Rug Vest - Pasadena, CA

Navajo Rug Vest Missing in Pasadena, CA, April 28, 2008

This image is of a man’s Navajo Rug Vest, size approx. 40.

Al Hayes has lost his wonderful Navajo rug vest. It was a case of leaving a garment bag on top of the car as we packed up in the garage of the Pasadena Sheraton Hotel on April 28, the day after the Pasadena Show. The leather label inside says “Boucher Santa Fe Made for Allan Hayes.”

We’d greatly appreciate its return if anybody spots it. Al feels all is lost, but Carol thinks a plea to ATADA is worth a try. If you see it, we’d love to have it back again, and we’d be willing to buy it back. Stupidity is its own reward.

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