RECOVERED - Ethnic Art Items

Ethnic Items Missing in Denver, Colorado, November, 2007 Have Been Recovered as of July 8, 2008

We received the following message from Chris Bobrick this morning:

” a box of items that we had just packed up at the Denver, CO World Wide Show was stolen. It contained a number of small items. a listing and photos are attached.

And on July 8, 2008, we received another message

“Dear Arch,

“In the stupidity is its own reward department, we have recovered the box of material that we reported stolen during November of last year. We left it on a table in a booth and Moses of R&R Showcases found it, took it back to LA with him after the show and forgot about it. Chris was setting up the case order for John Morris’ show in Santa Fe and Moses asked her if she knew who I was and he returned the box, all contents intact, to me last week.

“Again, thanks to Moses for his diligence and integrity.

“Lew Bobrick

#6110 Recovered Hopi Tile, #4380 Recovered Italian Vase, #5932 Recovered “St Pasqual”, #6169 Recovered Cat, #6158 Stolen Canteen, # 3712 Recovered Spanish Colonial Salt Bowl, # 6109 Recovered Hopi Tile