STOLEN - Concho Belt, Phoenix, AZ

Large Concho Belt Stolen from the Phoenix Antique Show on Jan 24th, 2009
This is a photo of a concho in the style of G & L Leekity. Our Concho belt had 11 to 13 of these, approx 2 1/2 x 3in with a slightly larger buckle. Our conchos had more turquoise, and less border than the above picture. It was worn by a mudman dancer for the ceremonial dances, and aside from the buckle bearing the G & L Leekity stamp, it also has, in script done with an electric engraver, the name of the man who owned it, and some reference to him being a dancer.

Police Report # 2009-90133174, Taken by officer # A5221, phone number 602-262-6151. Contact info for owners: Jody Wilson and Jacque Froy, 631-745-3029, 631-747-4007, PO Box 91291, Tucson, AZ 85752, email: Thank You Very Much for any help that you may be able to provide with this matter, Jody Wilson and Jacque Froy.