STOLEN - Various Native American Items - Tucson, AZ

A number of items were stolen from a home in Tucson, Arizona
June 2011

  • An Apache pitch-covered water basket, purchased on the San Carlos Reservation outside of Miami, AZ, in 1939;
  • A shallow, medium-sized Hopi bowl with a white interior with black-and-white design and an orange/brown slip exterior;
  • A Tohono O’odham basket tray with indented concentric circular design;
  • A Navajo 1940’s silver men’s bracelet;
  • A brown, cream, and red beaded necklace (unknown tribal origin);
  • A Navajo sand-cast silver and turquoise belt bucket on a leather and snakeskin belt (the belt was made in the late 1960s/early 1970s; the buckle pre-dates the belt but I do not have a more precise date estimate).

If you have any information about these pieces, the criminal case number is CR-20112542 (Pima County Superior Court) and the lead detective is Detective Hanson of the Tucson Police Department, ph. 520-791-4444. You may also contact the owner, Avery Pardee, c/o Jones Walker, 201 St. Charles Ave., Ste. 5100, New Orleans, LA 70170, ph. 504-582-8358