STOLEN - Beadwork - Teton County, WY

Beadwork Stolen in Teton County, WY, Sept 6, 2002

On or shortly before Sept 6, 2002, there was a theft of about $30,000 worth of material in Teton County, Wyoming. I have filed a report there. I had stolen three vests, one blue background with two elk on the front in a butterscotch color, one vest with yellow background with two deer two sheep and two eagles on the front, the other was a Sioux or northern plains white background with geometric patterns, the fourth piece was a large full size Cheyenne cradle on sticks-red trade cloth with white and gold tube beads 19th century, also had tacks in sticks.

The case is # 02088-2974, Teton County Sheriffs dept Bob Morley phone 307-733-4052

This report was provided by Tom Hampton of Hampton Historicals