RECOVERED - Large Native American Artifact Collection

On March 24, 2003 – we received the following e-mail notification that these items have been recovered:

  • From: a Colorado Collector
  • To:
  • Date: Monday, March 24, 2003, 2:01:44 PM
  • Subject: Artifacts recovered

 ==============Original message text===============

Dear Arch,

The saga of the 36 stolen artifacts we listed with you earlier in February has had a wonderful turnabout. THEY HAVE BEEN RECOVERED. The case is still in process, but at least the objects are safe. The whole episode has been traumatic to say the least but the wonderful spirit and work of ATADA brought us a little peace of mind and hope amidst it all. I also believe that the community of dealers and associates helped initiate the turn of events.

Would you be able to place a large notice to members on the site to let them know the items have been recovered? How do you suggest this appear?

Perhaps you could keep the photos with a large type stamp over them saying recovered. You are the webmaster so I will leave that up to you. I do know that members have studied these items and put great effort towards their return for which we are eternally grateful.

As always, anonymity is of highest concern. David Cook, David Fine American Art, is still the contact on this matter.

You and ATADA confirm that there is no substitute for good people and that our friends and colleagues in this world of Native American Art are a family. Thanks so much. I will be in touch as the story unfolds. So far, we are incredibly LUCKY.

Sincerely, a Colorado Collector

==============End of original message text===========

On February 1, 2003, 36 important Native American artifacts were stolen from a private collection in Colorado focusing on Plains beadwork, parfleche and textiles.

The following items have been recovered: 

Blackfeet War Shirt
Stolen Blackfeet War Shirt Now Recovered

Blackfeet War Shirt – 1870s – Buckskin, Trade cloth, Open sides, Blue seed bead panels, Ermine tails

Apache Puberty Cape

Stolen Apache Puberty Cape Now Recovered

Pony Beaded Apache Puberty Cape – 1860, Buckskin, Painted with red ochre, Trim beaded with black, white and red pony beads, Russian beads, Brass military buttons, Tinklers


Stolen Crow Leggings Now Recovered

Crow Leggings – 1880s – Red / green trade cloth

Stolen Kiowa High Top Mocs Now Recovered

Kiowa Women’s High Top Moccasins – 1880s – Green with silver buttons, 17″ L x 9″ W


Stolen Bow and Arrows Now Recovered

Arapaho snakeskin covered ash bow w/ arrows – 1880s

Stolen Pony Beaded Pipe Bag Now Recovered

Pony Beaded Pipe Bag – 1840s, Four flaps w/three bells on fringe, Bag: 12″ L Fringe: 16″ L

Stolen Cheyenne/Arapaho Pipe Bag Now Recovered

Cheyenne/Arapaho, Cheyenne / Arapaho Pipe Bag – 1870s, Seed beads, 6″ quilled panel, 10″ fringe, 28″ – 30″ L

Stolen Northern Plains Pipe Bag Now Recovered

Northern Plains – 1935 – Buckskin, beads: blue, red and white; blueish quill work, 17″ fringe, 13″ bag, 36″ long total

Stolen Crow Cylinder Parfleche Now Recovered

Crow Cylinder Parfleche, Red/black paint, dart patina, 20-22″ L x 5″ D


Stolen Bow and Arrows Now Recovered

Arapaho snakeskin covered ash bow w/ arrows – 1880s


Stolen Kiowa Leggings Yellow Now Recovered

Kiowa Men’s, Twisted Fringe Leggings, 1880s, 36″ L x 5″ fringe, Yellow ochre paint, Trim beads, red pink white blue


Stolen Yankton Sioux Tipi Bag Now Recovered

Yankton Sioux Tipi Bag, Buffalo hide, seed beads, 20″ W x 16″ H


Stolen Arpahoe Dispatch Case Now Recovered

Arapaho Dispatch Case – 1880s, Commercial leather


Stolen Arapaho Dispatch Case Flag Now Recovered

Arapaho Dispatch Case American flag motif on white background, 20″ x 8.5″


Stolen Cheyenne Dispatch Case Now Recovered

Cheyenne Dispatch Case – 1880s, 15″ x 8.5″ – greasy yellow/green


Stolen Sioux Knife Case Now Recovered

Sioux Knife Case – 1870s, Buffalo hide / inner sheath


Stolen Cheyenne Strike-A-Lite Now Recovered

Cheyenne Strike-A-Lite – 1870-1880s, 5″ H x 3″ W (top)


Stolen Sioux Strike-A-Lite Now Recovered

Sioux Strike-A-Lite w/striker in case, 4″ H x 2.5″ W (top)


Stolen Sioux Knife Case Now Recovered

Sioux Knife Case – 1870s – Buffalo hide / inner sheath


Stolen Apache Burden Basket Now Recovered

Apache Burden Basket – 1870s, Trade beads – blue and white, 26″ H / 20″ W


Stolen Sioux Fox Pipe Now Recovered

Sioux Fox Pipe – 1850s, Bowl: fox inlay in black pipestone, 32″ -36″ L


Stolen Small Apache Burden Basket Now Recovered

Apache Burden Basket – 1880-1890s, 18″ H / 16″ W


Stolen Sioux Saddle Blanket Now Recovered

Sioux Saddle Blanket – 1880s – Seed beads – yellow, green, red and brass, Brass bells


Stolen Whetstone Case Now Recovered

Whetstone Case


Stolen Blackfeet Parfleche Now Recovered

Blackfeet Parfleche – Buffalo rawhide – 1880s, trade cloth on seams, Red/black paint

Stolen Athabascan Bag Now Recovered

Athabascan Wall Pouch with flap – 1800s – Caribou hide, red pattern calico lining, tiny beads

Stolen Blackfeet Parfleche 2Now Recovered

Blackfeet Parfleche – 1875 – Buffalo rawhide red/black paint, 17″ W 24″ side fringe

Stolen Sioux Twisted Stem Pipe Now Recovered

Sioux twisted stem pipe – 1880s – Bowl: carved catlanite, 30″ L

Stolen Blanket Strip Now Recovered

Blanket Strip – 1880s – 4 Rondels, 4 Beaded cross design, Seed beads, 66″ L

Stolen Split Horn Bonnet Now Recovered

Nez Perce split horn bonnet, 1890s

Stolen Elk Dreamer Moccasins Now Recovered

Cheyenne Man’s “Elk Dreamer Society” Moccasins – 10″ L, Small cut Cheyenne blue beads

Stolen Blackfeet Parfleche Now Recovered

Blackfeet Parfleche – Buffalo rawhide – 1880s – 16″ W / 15″ H, Side fringe shorter 13″


Stolen Rattle & Rattle Case Now Recovered

Rattle and case, rawhide, 11″ L x 4.5″ D

Stolen Green Kiowa Leggings Now Recovered

Kiowa men’s leggings – 1870s, green paint, trim beads, spaghetti fringe

Stolen Northern Plains Tomahawk Now Recovered

Northern Plains Tomahawk, file branded, brass tacks, 1850s, 18-24″ L

Stolen Third Phase Chiefs Blanket Now Recovered

Third Phase Chiefs Blanket – 1870s, Churro wool, 55″ W x 70″ L

Stolen Cheyenne Saddle Bag sNow Recovered

Cheyenne Double Saddle Bags

1880s, Beaded on buffalo hide with red trace cloth inserts, Beads – blue, red, white, 48″ L x 14″ W

Stolen Arapaho Mocs Now Recovered
Arapaho Moccasins, 1880s