STOLEN - Navajo Textiles - Santa Fe, NM

Three Navajo Weavings Stolen from Santa Fe, NM Residence

Stolen Contemporary Navajo Raised Outline Teec Nos Pos Weaving

40″ x 62″, Tan/Green/Peach, Purchased 9/88 Cristof’s, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Stolen Contemporary Navajo Storm Pattern Weaving

25″ x 33″, Brown/White/Black, Purchased 4/00, Garland’s Navajo Rugs, Sedona, Arizona

Stolen 1930s Navajo Eye Dazzler Eagle Feather Weaving

36″ x 72″, Red/White/Blue, Purchased 6/01 Cisco’s, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

On the morning of July 8th, 2003, I had three Navajo Rugs stolen from my home on the eastside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have circulated photos to some of the area dealers, but also wanted to register on your site to broaden the search. The Santa Fe Police Report number is 03016807. The Detective assigned to the burglary is Danny Ramirez. I’d appreciate any assistance you can provide in returning these items, Marina Baroff, 1730 Kearsarge Road, La Jolla, ca. 92037, 858-454-2698 H, 619-528-5819 W.