STOLEN - Native American Artifacts - Bland, Virginia

Theft from Museum at Bland, Virginia, May 30, 2005

The FBI Washington Field Office and Richmond Division are investigating the theft of several hundred artifacts taken during a nighttime burglary of the Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum, located in Bland, Virginia. The burglary happened on May 30, 2005. We became aware of the burglary in June 2006 and offered our assistance to the Bland County, Virginia Sheriff’s Office.

1) Stolen Clovis Point, 2) Stolen Figurine and 3) Stolen Effigy Bird Pipe

4) Stolen Clay Pipe from Guatemala, 5) Stolen Steatite Squirrel Pipe and 6) Stolen Tarantula Pipe

7) Stolen Tarantula Pendant, 8) Stolen Bird Effigy Pipe

If anyone has any information related to the stolen artifacts please contact Special Agent Gregg S. Horner, FBI, Washington Field Office at (202) 278-2000.