STOLEN - Pima & Mono Baskets - Santa Fe, NM

Two Baskets Stolen from Santa Fe Shipping Facility, April, 2006

The following images are photos of two baskets that were apparently stolen by a UPS employee in April 2006 during transit (it appears likely that this happened at the Santa Fe, N. M., UPS facility). The UPS shipping label and the Kania-Ferrin Gallery label (which does not include the word “gallery” ) were cut off our box and taped onto a large box of toilet paper rolls which the client in Chicago received.

Basket #1 is a Pima bowl with human figures measuring 7 3/4″ d. by 3 1/2″ h. Basket #2 is a Western Mono toy basketry cradle measuring 19 1/2″ L. by 9 1/2″ Wide and 8″ deep at the sunshade.

If you have any information about this case please contact the SANTA FE POLICE DEPARTMENT at 2515 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, N. M. 87505. The police report number is 06-007652, officer’s name is Blea and his phone 505-428-3710. You may also contact Kania-Ferrin Gallery, 662 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, N. M. 87501, contact Joe Ferrin, 505-982-8767, .