RECOVERED - American Indian Weavings

American Indian Weavings and Rings Stolen from a Santa Fe Gallery, March 12, 2006, Now Recovered

We received the following message on 27 May, 2006:

“Dear Arch:

“Last week, a young woman showed up at a pawn shop in Albuquerque offering three of our stolen textiles for sale. The pawn shop called a dealer who alerted us. She subsequently sold 17 Navajo rings that were stolen from Coulter Brooks Art and Antiques to another dealer. There is an investigation underway and we will let you know as things unfold. However, in the meantime, all textiles EXCEPT the late classic blanket style weaving have been recovered thanks to the ATADA web site. Also, WE STILL ARE MISSING 25 RINGS and believe that they may have been sold in Albuquerque or Santa Fe Please remove the photos (except for the sketch of the blanket) now that these items have been recovered.

“Warm Regards,

“Jan Brooks “

  • 5. Stolen and Still Missing: Late Classic/Transitional Navajo Blanket: see sketch above – with a red-orange ground with several rows of serrated diamonds in blue indigo, green indigo and yellow vegetal dyes. Approximately 49″ x 72.
  • 6. Stolen and Still Missing: Several Boxes Of Navajo Rings (ca. 80+) including large number of men’s single stone rings, all pre-1950. We regret that the photographs are not great but its what’s available right now.

If you have any information on these stolen items, please contact Lane Coulter or Jan Brooks at 1-505-983-3232 or email: