STOLEN - Moccasin Collection - Jackson Hole, WY

Antique Native American Moccasins Stolen in Jackson Hole, WY, November, 2007

We had a theft in November, 2007. The loss was seven pairs of antique moccasins. The moccasins were in display cases hanging from a stone fireplace in a restaurant at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.The moccasins were identified (from a photograph) by a local dealer in antiques.

The stolen moccasins were identified as follows (left to right):

  • Arapahoe child’s moccasins, circa 1895-1900
  • Sioux, fully beaded moccasins, circa 1885
  • Blackfoot moccasins, circa 1885
  • Sioux moccasins, circa 1885
  • Sioux children’s moccasins, circa 188
  • Cheyenne, partially beaded moccasin
  • Sioux, with buffalo tracks, fully beaded moccasins.

I am a detective with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office in Jackson Wyoming. Our report number is 0712S-2293. I can be reached at (307)733-4052 or . Thank you, Gaylen Merrell, Detective, Teton County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson, WY.