STOLEN - Quimbaya Pectoral - Scottsdale, AZ

A Quimbaya Pectoral is missing from a Scottsdale, AZ Gallery. 

 Quimbaya Pectoral, ca. A.D. 500-1000, diameter 7 3/4in (19.5cm), gold, finely hammered and cut into a circular domed form and pierced four times for attachment, with finely raised double-row dotted pattern around the edge. 
Removed without permission from the gallery. We are not sure exactly when it was stolen, sometime over the last six months. Attached is an image of the piece. If you have any information about this piece, please refer to Scottsdale Police report number 11-21504, phone 480-312-5000, Officer Polasky #1163, or contact  Knox Artifacts Gallery, 7056 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ. 85251, phone (480) 874-1007, email