STOLEN - Loloma Jewelry - Santa Fe, NM

Seven major Loloma jewelry pieces and a similar Richard Chavez gold ring were stolen from a Santa Fe, NM Home circa August 31, 2011.

Many pieces have been recovered. The remaining missing pieces are pictured and described below:

  1. Very large bracelet of silver. Would be signed Loloma. Length 1.75”. Pictured in the Loloma Book. See photo .
  2. The final stolen item is a Richard Chavez ring. Ring, 14kt gold, green jade (almost triangular in shape) with black jade, coral and turquoise accents. Signed. See photo.

These Items were stolen August 31. If you have information about any of these items, please contact Santa Fe Police Department, 2515 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe 5038, Dispatch: 505-428-3710, Records: 505-955-5751, Investigations: 505-955-5038, Officer Name: Corrine Jones, Case #: 111-013651, 8 items of stolen jewelry. You may also contact Bonnie McClung Grubs Director, Martha Hopkins Struever, P.O. Box 2203, Santa Fe, NM 87504, 505-795-4345, email