STOLEN - Navajo Textiles - Tucson, AZ

Several Navajo Textiles in storage at a Tucson home, which has been under renovation, were stolen sometime between August 2018 and May 2019. Unfortunately, the owner only has photos of the textile pictured here.

The textiles were purchased at an auction benefiting the Museums of New Mexico Foundation on August 5, 2017. The textile pictured is approximately 5’ x 9’.

If you have any information regarding this this textile, please contact Matt Messner at

Tucson Police Case Number: 1812170180

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STOLEN - Kenneth Begay S Design White Hogan & KB hallmarks

Turkey Mountain Traders reports a stolen Kenneth Begay bracelet about 3:15pm on 8-16-19 from El Museo....booth 11, The Antique American Indian Art Show in Santa Fe.

If you have any information about the location of this bracelet, please contact Steve or Diana Begner at:

STOLEN - Abraham Begay Mosaic Jewelry Inventory - Albuquerque, NM

On October 15, 2018, a suitcase containing Abraham’s inventory of his mosaic jewelry was stolen from their car while they were eating lunch in Albuquerque, NM.

Items stolen include fancy mosaic jewelry in turquoise, coral, lapis, jet, etc.

  • 9 necklaces

  • 8 bracelets

  • 100 rings

  • 1 bolo

  • 20 pendants

  • 85 pr. earrings

  • 4 heishi necklaces (10 – 15 strands).

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these items, please call:

Albuquerque Police Department
Case# 180099240


LEADS: Gregory & Angie Schaaf,

A GoFund Me page has been set up for Abraham here:

Examples of stolen items:

STOLEN - Jewelry Collection - Santa Fe, NM

The following list of items were stolen from an AirBnB on August 13, 2018, in Santa Fe, NM.
Items with photos are marked with the item list number.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these items, please contact
Officer Mariscal with the Santa Fe Police Department
Police report #18-012321  
Officer Mariscal 505-428-3710

Click below to see the full list of items:

click to enlarge item list

Missing - Sonwai 18K Gold & Turquoise Earrings

On or around April 26, 2018, a pair of 18k Gold and Nevada Blue spiderweb turquoise earrings disappeared from a PAKMAIL Off the Plaza facility in Santa Fe, NM. 

If you have any information about the pictured earrings, please contact Officer Rebecca R. Hilderbrandt at
(505) 955-5050
Case number is 18-006288

Or contact Steve or Dottie Diamant

STOLEN / Lost in Transit - Gold Bracelet with Candelaria turquoise stone

A few weeks ago this bracelet by Michael Roanhorse was shipped via UPS.  It was lost/stolen in shipping.  UPS states the package was last scanned in Albuquerque.
The bracelet is 18k gold with a Candelaria turquoise stone. 

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of this bracelet, please contact Gene Waddell at 480-755-8080 or via email:

18k gold bracelet with Candelaria turquoise

STOLEN - Miniature Pima Baskets - San Rafael, CA

A group of 5 miniature Pima baskets were stolen from Terry DeWald's booth at the Marin Show on Sunday, February 18th. 

The stolen items include 3 vase baskets, a fretted tray and a man in the maze plaque, which is approximately 3" diameter. 

Note: The two larger trays with beaded edges were not stolen. 

If you have any information about this theft or know the whereabouts of any of the pictured items, please contact Terry Dewald at 520-749-9790 or

or contact the Marin County Sheriff's Office at
Case# 5018–573

Stolen miniatures include the 3 vases, Man in the Maze plaque and the small fretted tray. (the beaded edge trays were not stolen)

Close up of miniature Pima vase baskets. 

STOLEN - Silver & Turquoise Bracelet Collection - San Rafael, CA

A collection of bracelets were stolen from out of a car while parked at the Embassy Suites hotel in San Rafael, CA. 

The break-in occurred in the early morning hours on 2-16-18. 

The stolen items include Navajo, Zuni and Hopi works. 

If you have any information about this theft or know the whereabouts of any of the pictured items, please contact Andrew Muñana at 323-683-9432

or contact the City of San Rafael Police Department, Officer Anthony Augustyn.
415-485-5773 or
Case# 18-1372

56 Cerrillos stone, wide bracelet
 (click to enlarge)

Harvey Begay bracelet. (click to enlarge)

3 rows of bracelets on left including Butterfly, Kniefwing, Rainbowman.

Stolen Bracelets  - (click to enlarge)

4 bracelets in this published group. (SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN BRACELETS, author, Paula Baxter) Other whirling logs (swastika) pictured below.

STOLEN - Pre-Columbian Ceramic Art - Salinas, CA

During October or November 2017, a large number of Pre-Columbian Ceramic artworks were stolen from a collector's storage facility in Salinas, CA. 

A report was filed with the Salinas Police Department.  Report #17-120867

One of the perpetrators has been identified and will hopefully soon be in custody.
It is believed that the stolen items are still in California

If you have any information about these items, please contact Detective John Richardson, email: 
Office Phone Number: 831-758-7478.

(Click images for larger view. )

Click above images for larger view. 

STOLEN - Navajo Textiles, Wall Hangings, Pottery - Farmington, NM

On Sept 19th at approximately 5:20am, several items were stolen from the Casa Blanca Inn at 505 E La Plata St, Farmington, NM 87401. 

Items include the textiles shown in the attached images:
#1: Navajo Rug -  3' x 5', grey, black, red and tan with black border.
#2: Navajo Rug - 3' x 5', grey, black, brown and red, Stepped diamonds with multiple borders
#3: Mexican textile - 3' x 6'3", red, black and white (on back of couch)
#4: Navajo Rug - 3' x 5', white, grey and black with bottom border. Decorative wooden hanger was also taken.
#5: Navajo Rug - 3' x 5', brown, beige, black and red
#6: Navajo textile - 3.5' x 5.5', aqua blue, red, black, white and tan with fringed short sides (on couch and in video)

Surveillance camera footage below also shows the following items:
a): Pottery Jar: golden tan with hand painted animal motifs, 10" high x 14" diameter.

b): Chinese ceramic elephant bookend: 7" high, mounted on 4" x 6" rectangular base. 

Additionally, two woven baskets were stolen but have already been recovered. 

Farmington Police Case# is 17-68297
Please contact Officer R. Discenza-Smith (R#799) via email at: or via telephone number 505-599-1070, with any information regarding the whereabouts of these items. 

Click above images for larger view. 

STOLEN - Large Inventory of Jewelry - Durango, CO

On the evening of Sept 12th or early morning of Sept 13th, approximately 300 items of jewelry were stolen during a "Smash and Grab" style burglary from Toh-Atin Gallery in Durango, CO

The majority of items stolen were Navajo bracelets and necklaces, as well as a significant number of Hopi and Zuni pieces. 
Most pieces date from the 1960s - 1980s. Most items were silver, but there were a number of gold pieces and some Santo Domingo shell items. 

The gallery is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the thieves and the recovery of the jewelry. 

Additional photos will be posted as they become available.

Please be on the lookout for anyone selling a large quantity of jewelry.  If you have any information, please contact Detective Christopher Thomson with the Durango Police Department:  970-375-4732 or email:  Police report P17-27464

*Click thumbnails above for larger image

Click Here to view an in-depth list of stolen items. 

STOLEN - Gandhara Buddha Head - Paris, France

A Gandhara Buddha head in stucco with traces of polychromy has been stolen from Galerie Alexis Renard, who was exhibiting at Galerie Arnoux located at 25 rue Guénégaud, Paris, France.

The theft occurred on Thursday, September 14 around 3:40pm.

The head is approximately 14.5 cm (5.7") 

If you have any information about the location of this piece or if you would like to further information, please contact Liesbeth at +33 609 172 109

STOLEN - Trailer filled with Contemporary Artworks - Santa Fe, NM

On August 18, 2017,  a trailer filled with artworks belonging to artist, Darryl Growing Thunder was stolen in Santa Fe, NM.

Stolen items include approximately 12 ledger drawings, a painted parfleche box (pictured) and a briefcase containing a personal sacred cannupa (pipe) and other religious items. 

Trailer Description: 5' x 8' enclosed cargo trailer, white in color.  There is a blue sticker on the upper middle of the front panel with "I-94" on it.  The rear door swings open and there is another door on the passenger side panel. 

A report has been filed filed with the Santa Fe Police Department.

Case# 17-012927

If you have any information about these items, please contact Officer Anthony Currey at 505-340-6158 or 505-955-5049. 

STOLEN - Navajo Textiles & Serape - Farmington, NM

Over the weekend of August 18-20, a Navajo Rug, a smaller rug, and Serape were stolen from the Casa Blanca Inn at 505 E La Plata St, Farmington, NM87401. 

The Navajo Rug was approx. 6’ x 11’.
The smaller rug was approx. 2’ x 4’ with black and white stripes (no picture available), and Serape was approx. 6’ x 30” (picture attached Mesa Verde).

A Police report was filed with the Farmington Police Department,  
900 Municipal Drive, Farmington, NM87401

Case# is 17-61295.

Please contact Officer V. Parsons (R#8049) via email at:, or by phone at (505) 436-8038 with any information regarding the location of these items. 

STOLEN - Pre-Columbian Stone Mask - Paris, France

This ancient stone carved mask has a rounded human face on one side. The verso is a caved skull with two inlaid black obsidian eyes.
The mask is approximately 8" tall by 7" wide.
It has an extremely high value.

The mask was stolen in August of 2016. 
The last known location was at the gallery:
Christophe JORON-DEREM
46 rue Sainte-Anne
75002 PARIS

If you have any information, please contact
Walter Knox
Knox Artifacts Gallery
Howard Rose
Arte Primitivo Gallery

STOLEN - Tesuque & San Juan Pottery Jars - Santa Fe, NM

During the evening or May 31 or early morning of June 1,  and individual entered our property through the back door and stole two pottery jars. 

The first is a 12” x 10” Tesuque.
The second is a 9” H x 10” tall San Juan. 
(Click images for larger view)

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Jan Brooks and Lane Coulter
Coulter Brooks Art & Antiques

If you have any information about the location of this piece, please contact Jan Brooks or Lane Coulter at (505) 577-7051 or via email at

Or contact Detective John Van Etten with the Santa Fe Police Department at 505-629-2146.
Police report# 17-008607


STOLEN / MISSING - Cheyenne/Arapaho Amulet - Near Branson, MO

The owner of this piece was on a road trip from New York City to Oklahoma and believes that it went missing in or near Branson, Missouri.  

The item was in a white nylon drawstring bag which was inside a clear DVD case. 

This piece was taken as a "trophy" from a slain warrior at the Sand Creek Massacre by the owner's great-great grandfather. 
The owner had planned to return the item to the proper tribe when it was lost. 

There is a $1,000 reward for the return of the item.

More information about the history of the amulet can be found on the KY3 News Website

Click image for larger view

If you have any information about the location of this piece, please contact Mike Allen at 212-416-3506 or at or contact the Branson Police Department at 417-334-3300.

Allen is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. He wrote an extensive article on the history of the amulet. You can search for that article called "My Great-Great-Grandfather and an American Indian Tragedy" online.

STOLEN - Ute Toy Cradle - Austin, TX

On December 14th, Fed Express delivered to a building in Austin Texas a Toy Ute Cradle c. 1885 (30.5 inches tall with doll) that was never received by the purchaser.

If found or seen, please contact:
Don Siegel, Chipeta Trading Company
1380 Zuni Street
Denver, CO80204

Ute Toy Cradle
c. 1885 , 30.5" tall
(click to enlarge)

STOLEN - Two Bronze Statues - Tucson, AZ

2 Bronze statues were stolen on Christmas Day from a home in Tucson, AZ. 

Bronze Statue called the Bell Mare by John Mortensen, Wilson, Wyo.
pproximately 33” tall 20”x 11” base

Click image for larger view

“Last of the Open Range by Grant Speed, deceased (Utah)
Approximately 18” x 10” base
Photo blown up from distant original

Click image for larger view

If you have any information regarding these two sculptures, please contact:

Susie and William Adams

Police Report # 161225172.
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Officer Nicholas Baker
Phone 520-351-6177

STOLEN - Navajo Coffee Pitcher - CU Natural History Musuem

Between the dates of October 21 and 24, UCM catalog number 10176 was stolen from an exhibit case in the Anthropology Hall of the CU Natural History Museum. It is a Navajo coffee pitcher. The pitcher is dark brown in color with a handle at the top across from the spout, which has six straining holes. There is a fiber cord attached to the handle. Its dimensions are 16.5 cm L (including the handle and spout), 10.5 cm W, and 18 cm H. 

The pitcher is a “Navajo Coffee Pot or Pitcher, European Style” collected by Earl H. Morris from the “Southwestern United States” and donated in the 1940s to the CU Museum by Lucile Morris, Earl’s second wife.

Please contact CU Museum staff or the CU police department if you have any information on this item. Thank you.

CU Museum Main Line: 303-492-6892
CU Museum email:
CU Police Department: 303-492-6666